Starboard Carve 123 Wood
German Surf 5/2001

Optimal Sail Sizes : 5.2 - 8.0
Weight : 7.2 kg +-5%
Length : 268 cm
Volume : 123 liters
Included : Straps, pads and fin

Without direct comparison you might not believe it - the Carve rides at top speed, but one will not feel it. The wide shape planes as smooth as a 8-cylinder Automatic, and effortless but noticeable accelerates to the top of the group.

Starboard and RRD are the extremes of the group. The Carve rides as if on rails, and is always easy to control. Aggressiveness and sporty feel however are left behind. Very good windsurfers might probably be a bit bored, but for your average user, the Carve takes all the stress away.

Whoever weigh in at less than 90 kg and doesn't learn the power jibe on the Starboard - will never learn it. It simply do not get any easier on any other board. The 123 does require noticeable foot pressure, but will then willingly turn, and remain safely on the plane throughout the jibe, even if you stay too long at the stern. As on the simulator, you can fully concentrate your attention on the rig. Fast and sporty carves tell us the limit of the shape, as the carving turn requires substantial foot pressure.

The Starboard is the perfect board for vacation windsurfers, which until now, only occasionally tried their efforts on a jibe. However, the Starboard 123 performs exceptionally well even in places with a lot of chop.

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