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Starboard GO ( friendship)
Sail Range : 6.0 - 9.5
Optimal Sail Sizes : 7.0 - 8.5
Weight : 23.5 lb.
Length : 283.00 cm
Volume : 180 L
Included : Straps, pads, fin
Price : $1,180.00


Advanced sailors who don't normally ride light-air boards and are looking for fun, speed and comfort should look into the new GO. It has the feel of a race board, but the comfort of a Cadillac. It easily handles large fins and even large pets.


The new GO has transformed into a fast, early planing and comfortable machine. It has tucked chamfered rails for smoother and more controlled sailing, a narrowed-but-full-volume tail with clean rail release for speed and efficiency and a wide, padded deck to maximize your comfort.


Concave deck forces footwork and sailor weight to the center. Full rails and overall width supply plenty of volume.

Its weight alone is the only negative aspect affecting early planing. It still planes on par with other boards with its flattened rocker, clean rails, volume and wide outline.

Tucked chamfered rails for smooth transitions and handling chop. Vee bottom adds control at speed. Fully padded deck to maximize grip and comfort.

The deck pad dampens impact. Sandwich construction still requires some care when transporting.

The 2001 GO redefines fun! It has a full deck pad, a racy outline and bottom shape, tucked chamfered rails and can handle a large range of conditions. While these qualities combine to make a fast, practical board for any level sailor, it probably best suits cruisers, free-riders and sunbathers.

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