Test of carve 80 by windsurfing mag USA.

Looks like it's the best liked hi wind freeride board in the test.

Starboard Carve 80
Sail Range : 4.2 - 6.5
Optimal Sail Sizes : 5.0 - 6.0
Weight : 15.25 lb.
Length : 250.3 cm
Volume : 80 L
Included : Straps, pads, fin
Price : $1,325.00


In a pinch, the 80 goes down the line and jumps well in onshore conditions. The chamfered rails add bite and smoothly hold in bottom turns. It easily doubles as a freestyle board with quick acceleration, a light feel and plenty of stability, and a wide uncluttered deck. Bump sailors will like its loose, forgiving ride.


Setting the straps in the outboard positions gives the 80 a slalom-oriented ride. Remains controllable through even the roughest of water.

Double-concave-bottom-to-vee acts as turning panels. Chamfered rails smooth chop and stabilize water flow when setting a rail. Outline is smooth with a subtle pull in the tail, allowing for sharp high-speed jibes.

Controllable at speed and in the air and excels for planing tricks and transitions. Wide and well balanced for a confidence-inspiring ride.

Inset and outset strap options enhance its already broad range of uses. Easily handles wave, freestyle and camless slalom sails.

The 80 is all about control. The single/double-to-vee bottom make it smooth through chop. The deck is wide, creating stability for heavy footwork and early planing. The chamfered rails really work! They allow a smooth water flow across the bottom at high speeds and especially in the turns.

Starboard?s 80 best suits sailors looking for one board that can do it all. It has plenty of strap options and can handle a large range of sails. Novices to experts found the 80 plenty exciting and incredibly controllable in all situations.

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