You on the ultra wide START board (100 centimeters wide),
will learn to windsurf in 60 minutes.

The START makes windsurfing accessible to anyone. Young or old, blond or brunette . Thus Starboard, the developer of START, opens a bright new world where windsurfing becomes mainstream, as mainstream as the bicycle.

Width is the key to this revolution. Ultra wide means ultra stable, letting you focus on holding and controlling the winds energy in your hands. Basic instruction is all you need to sail anywhere. Given time and practice , ultra wide also means ultra fast. Just ask your local Formula racer.

The fins , an 18 cm removable center fin and a 40 cm tail fin -- give outstanding directional stability. With the tail fin itself , START is quick to plane and great in shallow waters.

Optional center straps can be positioned exactly where beginners should place their feet the first time on-board.

The single to double concave bottom shape adds efficiency and the thin rounded rails really carves jibes . The START is an ideal platform for tacking, freestyle tricks and just goofing around. A carry handle is located in the middle of the board.

Starboard is supporting this revolution with complete instructional packages for individuals, schools, resorts and - of course - retirement homes.

width 100 cm
tail 73 cm
length 280 cm
weight (D-RAM) 13 kg +-5%
volume 230 liters
fin size 40 cm wide style + 18 cm center fin
box Tuttle box
sail size 2.0-12.0 m2
Available exclusively in D-RAM technology

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