proven performance

The Sonic line represents 3 of the quickest and easiest slalom boards we have ever made. With the addition of the W58, the range matches any slalom sailing condition and any size sailor. The boards are designed with input from Brian Rogild, Jamie Lever and sailed by European champion Eduardo Bellini and World Champion Wojtek Brzozowski.

The W58 has a flat tail rocker and is especially quick to plane. It can hold sails up to 7.8 m2 and is easy to control even when overpowered. It comes out of jibes smoothly due to its wide nose section and goes as well downwind as it does on a tight reach with the skinnier tail.

The W55 delivers acceleration and top end speed for slalom racing. Its flat rocker makes it extra controllable as the board stays down and rides free on the tail. Its straight outline and wider front section aids planing and smooth jibes, making it an easy board to sail. It will carry sails up to 7 m.

The Sonic W52 is a thin high wind slalom machine, which also works for lighter racers in medium winds. The narrow tail reduces the wet surface area, and the relatively wider middle front section provides a lot of comfort and control. The straight outline promotes superb jibing when the going gets tough. The flat rocker line with kick towards the nose delivers further high wind control.

The Sonic boards proved their slalom supremacy in the Production Worlds 2000, by finishing first and third.

SONIC (Wood) W 52 W 55 W 58
model W 52 W 55 W 58
width 52 cm 55 cm 58 cm
tail 31 cm 33.5 cm 36.5 cm
length 268 cm 274 cm 272 cm
weight (Wood) 5 kg +-5% 5.4 kg+-5% 5.7 kg +-5%
volume 74 liters 91 liters 98 liters
fin size 28 cm 32 cm 34 cm
box Tuttle box
sail size 4.0-6.5 m2 6.0-7.0 m2 5.5-7.8 m2
Available exclusively in D-RAM technology

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