Faster, livelier, looser, quicker: The Evolution continues in 2001

Across the range this year are the refinements of last year's volumes and outlines, and the new bottom configuration of single to double concave. The single concave forward aids early planing due to the flatter rocker through the middle of the concave, keeping the board loose by maintaining rocker down the rails. It also directs and DRIVES water the length of the board feeding the double concaves in the tail. The tail concave combined with the V in the tail gives excellent release, whilst providing that rail to rail feel.

Surf 70
High wind, high speed, big wave controller. Narrower and thinner than the other boards for when the conditions become extreme. However, to handle high winds and big waves, the board still needs to get going quickly and be able to produce drive through a turn. This board answers the paradox. Super loose, super tight cutbacks with maximum projection off the lip. Get this board for when it's going off.

Surf 78
Once again, a board you can take anywhere. Except that you'd be flying down the line faster at Hookipa, or flying higher in Gran Canaria. It has the perfect all round volume to handle sails from 3.3 to 5.5, planning early in the light winds, yet being super smooth when overpowered. The ultimate radical allrounder.

Surf 89
Big guys or light days. Both require quick planing and drive whilst maintaining manoeuverability. This board has evolved with these needs in mind, with the new bottom configuration, combined with last year's parallel hipped outline and fuller rails. It gets going early, yet it can actually be turned big and thrown around with ease.

SURF (D-RAM) 70 78 89
SURF (Wood) 70 78 89
model 70 78 89
width 51.7 cm 54 cm 56 cm
tail 33.5 cm 33.5 cm 35.3 cm
length 247 cm 252 cm 253 cm
weight (Wood) 6.0 kg +-5% 6.3 kg+-5% 6.6 kg +-5%
weight (D-RAM) 6.3 kg +-5% 6.6 kg+-5% 6.9 kg +-5%
volume 70 liters 78 liters 89 liters
fin size 20 cm 22 cm 22 cm
box US box
sail size 2.5-5.0 m2 3.5-5.4 m2 4.0-6.0 m2
Available exclusively in Wood and D-RAM technology

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