"The Play concept was conceived from discussions with young sailors looking for more versatility than that found in a conventional wave or freestyle board."

The PLAY takes lighter sailors further than any other board concept. The flat-nose solution caters for advanced "on the nose" manoeuvres with smooth release and a twin-tip feel similar to wake / snowboarding. The heavy nose channels provide traction in nose riding.

The inserts are close together, the straps smaller and so is the price tag. The thruster fin set up, accelerates all direction changes and the single to double concave hull gives an exceptionally smooth feeling.

With a volume of 85 liters, one can get into Play mode with a 5.5 meter sail yet a 3.5 can be held with ease. It is equally playful both on flat water with medium winds to more challenging conditions. Please be aware that the board warranty only covers sailors up to 60 kg.

width 57.5 cm
tail 43 cm
length 232 cm
weight (D-RAM) 7.8 kg +-5%
volume 85 liters
fin size 22 cm + Thrusters
box US box
sail size 3.0-5.5 m2
Available exclusively in D-RAM technology

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