The board that led the wide-style revolution has been upgraded with 2 years of significant development, using the assistance of Jim Drake and Matt Schweitzer.

  • Better light wind performance by added tail width.
  • Higher rocker provides an easy ride even in choppy conditions.
  • Chamfers in the nose area and thinner rails aft improves jibing .
  • A refined underwater hull makes the GO still competitive on the race course.
  • Inserts for storage net to bring necessities for coast runs and island trips.

The great board balance remains, and we now have available a 33 cm Drake/Ames designed fin for shallow waters or a 54 cm Drake/Ames performance fin.

Additional inside foot strap inserts simplifies first time planing attempts. Attach a rope to the towing eye and use it with a bar for kids to "nose ride". The nose protector and side fin for directional stability remain. The smooth EVA deck covers the board which remains the world's most popular concept.

width 83.5 cm
tail 62 cm
length 280 cm
weight 10.5 kg +-5%
volume 180 liters
fin size 54 cm
box Deep Tuttle
sail size 2.5-10 m2

The original Go last year won the Canadian Amateur Championships and the new GO Friendship will win the world over.

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