"The best new concept in boards this year."
American Windsurfer issue 2, year 2000

The cool STARFISH was voted the best new design concept for year 2000 by American Windsurfer magazine. It was described as more fun by more of their guest sailors than any other.

Building on the success of the STARFISH concept,

we introduce a full range of sizes for 2001, to fit you and the wind you sail in: 75, 85, and 95 liters.

The STARFISH is the essence of wave sailing. The secret is the wide split tail and thin rails. It planes earlier, accelerates quicker and jumps higher. Its short length makes it easy to rotate in the air and, with the aid of FCS thrusters, it instantly changes direction on the wave, floating evenly and more comfortably than any other wave board.

It drives through white water and keeps you upwind better than any other. It is the most radical wave board for smaller waves (aka junk surf) and makes your day both longer and more enjoyable.

The STARFISH is another watershed concept
dividing what was before,
from what will be
by Jim Drake and Svein Rasmussen.

STARFISH (D-RAM) 75 85 95
model 75 85 95
width 57.4 cm 57.3 cm 59.2 cm
tail 43 cm 43 cm 45 cm
length 232 cm 240 cm 248 cm
weight (D-RAM) 7.1 kg +-5% 7.2 kg+-5% 7.6 kg +-5%
volume 75 liters 85 liters 95 liters
fin size 22 cm 22 cm 24 cm
box US System and FCS for side fins
sail size 3.5-5.5 m2 4.0-6.0 m2 4.5-6.5 m2
Available exclusively in D-RAM technology

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