The Starboard Formula 155 won more events in year 2000 than any other board. Ask the Formula Windsurfing World Champion, Wojtek Brzozowsi, and the 2000 European Formula Windsurfing Champion Eduardo Bellini. Starboard is the exclusive supplier to the Formula Windsurfing Worlds 2000. The success of the 155 has led to three new faster models, one for each user-weight groups. Last year we broke ground with the worlds widest board at 85 cm. Now we present the Formula 175 at 95 cm width.

All the 3 new double-concave designs are results of Jim Drake's aero/hydrodynamic analysis of what is needed to get the best possible performance on a race course. As most of you know, Jim created windsurfing 34 years ago, but you may not know that he is also the first man to design an airplane -- the X-15 among others -- on a computer. Jim also contributed to many other designs used by NASA and the US military.

The Formula boards are easy to sail, with thin rails handling especially well in higher winds. The ultra wide concept also makes the Formula a great choice for all round sailors wishing to have an easy board that planes quicker, stays up wind and has a comfortable, high ride on the reach. The boards accept sail sizes from 2.0 to 12 m2 and allow for planing straight downwind. They point higher than any short board ...........ever.

The D-Ram boards have a superb Carbon / Dyneema / glass sandwich construction. The exclusive wood boards that our race team uses have a Formula finish which is not cosmetically perfect but made for those who wish to avoid a 500 gram paint job.

The Formula 135 is designed for sailors between 40 and 65 kg. The new 155 is targeting weights between 65 and 95 kg. The Formula 175 is for racers over 85 kg.

If you only sail in really light winds you may choose a board size larger than indicated and if you sail in more of a high wind area you may choose a board size smaller.................

formula (D-RAM) 135 155 175
formula (Wood) 135 155 175
model 135 155 175
width 85 cm 85 cm 95 cm
tail 62 cm 62 cm 69.5 cm
length 261 cm 270 cm 270 cm
weight (wood) 7.8 kg +-5% 8.0 kg +-5% 8.6 kg +-5%
weight (D-RAM) 8.7 kg +-5% 8.9 kg +-5% 9.5 kg +-5%
volume 135 liters 155 liters 175 liters
fin size 58 cm 58 cm 65 cm
box Deep Tuttle
sail size 2.5-11 m2 2.5-11.5 m2 2.5-12.0 m2
Available exclusively in Wood and D-RAM technology

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