We have expanded the Diva range and present a line of 3 boards tailor-made for women.
Jennifer Henderson, who won the 1999 Aloha Classic founded the Diva project. Her drive to make windsurfing a better sport for women brings boards that have smaller stances, smaller straps, with more positions, lighter weights combined with thinned rails and modified rockers.

Diva 70, as described by Jennifer:
"The Diva line has entered a new era with the birth of the Diva 70. More than ever confidence describes the feeling I get on this board. It turns, rides and responds with confidence. Taking out much of the volume in the rails allows me to sink the rail in when I need to. Being able to sail the most grueling & gusty conditions puts it on my favorite list. Stability and easy planning make sailing much easier. I spend most of my energy riding waves and not battling equipment. Best of all it's just my size for any condition

The Carve Diva has a narrower stance and smaller foot straps. It is smooth, controllable and accelerates quickly for its size. The Carve Diva is fairly loose and can easily double as a wave board for moderate waves when the straps are placed in the inner position. The fast and comfortable ride delivers a great platform for freestyle tricks.

The Formula Diva is designed especially for women between 45 and 65 kg. It has proved to help lighter sailors become more competitive with larger sailors. This thin board has no extra volume or weight, it is super controllable and the added rocker is just right for lighter sailors to get enough of the wide board out of the water on a reach. It has smaller stances and smaller straps as well. This board is an extremely revolutionary design, and I urge serious lighter sailors to try it for light wind speed, in or out of competition."

DIVA (D-RAM) 70 80 135
model 70 80 135
width 51.7 cm 56.2 cm 85.8 cm
tail 33.5 cm 36.6 cm 62.1 cm
length 247 cm 250 cm 261 cm
weight (D-RAM) 6.3 kg +-5% 6.6 kg+-5% 8.7 kg +-5%
volume 70 liters 80 liters 135 liters
fin size 20 cm 22 cm 58 cm
box US box Deep Tuttle
sail size 2.5-5.0 m2 3.0-5.5 m2 2.5-11.0 m2
Available exclusively in D-RAM technology

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