The best of Freeride and Freestyle concepts in one range. The Carve 99 was voted the best jibing board ever by the American Windsurfer magazine test.

We built on its success for the rest of the line. They all carry the unique Carve edge which is a 5-10 mm 45 straight section on the rail, introducing a clean water release and an unmatched jibing performance. The 4 smaller boards have bottom rails for nose-first manoeuvers. All have inside strap options for control.

CARVE (D-RAM) 80 99 111 123 135 155
CARVE (Wood) 80 99 111 123 135 155
model 80 99 111 123 135 155
width 56.2 cm 60 cm 63 cm 66.5 cm 68.5 cm 74 cm
tail 36.6 cm 38.8 cm 40.7 cm 42.5 cm 42.3 cm 50 cm
length 250 cm 258 cm 264 cm 268 cm 272 cm 275 cm
weight (Wood) 6.3 kg +-5% 6.5 kg+-5% 6.8 kg +-5% 7.2 kg +-5% 7.6 kg+-5% 7.9 kg +-5%
weight (D-RAM) 6.6 kg +-5% 6.9 kg+-5% 7.2 kg +-5% 7.6 kg +-5% 8 kg+-5% 8.4 kg +-5%
volume 80 liters 99 liters 111 liters 123 liters 135 liters 155 liters
fin size 24 cm 28 cm 32 cm 38 cm 42 cm 48 cm
box US Tuttle
sail size 3.0-5.5 m2 4.5-6.8 m2 4.8-7.2 m2 5.2-8.0 m2 5.5-8.5 m2 6.0-9.0 m2
Available exclusively in Wood and D-RAM technology

The Carve 80 is controllable, and accelerates way quick for a board its size. In waves its fast, fairly loose and can easily double as a wave-board for moderate waves when the straps are placed in the inside position. The fast and comfortable ride is mixed with a great platform for tricks.

The legendary Carve 99 continues, now with inserts for a middle back strap. Its low rocker and nose kick provides acceleration yet remains easy to use at top speed. The concentration of volume in the middle and thin rails give flotation combined with tight turns, while the relatively narrow nose section enhances rotation in loops. The Carve 99 is not only an easy and fast board to have a blast with any time, but also probably remains the world's best freestyle board.

The magic Carve 111 has a bit more volume than the Carve 99 for lighter winds and to facilitate heavier sailors, while allowing the use of larger sails. It rides as smoothly as silk and the board loves playful manoeuvers.The extra nose lift gives it a lively feel. The 111 is a combination of early planing, speed, radical jibing and radical air time, all at once.

The Carve 123 is all about smooth sailing with just enough volume to float comfortably, and with a width that gives instant acceleration. Its another jibing machine equally happy with both short and drawn out curves. The 123 is designed for sailors wanting to combine comfortable sailing with high speed and lots of control.

Carve 135 is the refinement of the Carve 140 that won the test in Windsurfing magazine year 2000. The thinner rails jibe even better and the front rocker is lifted 5 mm to get an even smoother ride. We have given it 1 cm more width to increase further acceleration and light wind performance. The 135 has a single to double concave hull, a concept based on the Formula success. .

The user friendly Carve 155 rides high and feels smaller than its 74 cm width once powered up. It gets going in an instant and stays on plane longer with its single to double concave bottom shape derived from the Formula. It has plenty of volume for uphauling and sets new jibing standards with its drawn-in curve just at the tail.

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