Starboard's new X Wing Kite released.

Ben Severne has developed a unique range of kites, based on simplicity, performance and safety. "The idea was to create an especially user-friendly water re-launch able concept, and I feel very comfortable with the end result. The secret was very much the highly curved leading edge, in combination with extremely low weight. Flight characteristics for the different sizes remain consistant by tuning the aspect ratio to the surface are. As area increases, the aspect ratio increases. The number of cells do also multiply accordingly, to keep the inflation of the Kite consistent." Ben has been developing the X Wing at his computer aided loft In Perth, Australia. By the end of the year he will set up a Kite and Sail design facility at Starboard in Bangkok, which will be The most complete research facility for Kite and windsurfing related products.

For further technical information, go to the product page of this web site or contact Ben at Starboard Kite Division;

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