The "Horizon job" by Eduardo Bellini.
The new Starboard Formula boards in a class of their own.

This years European Champion, Eduardo Bellini finished an incredible 5 (five) minutes ahead of his competitors in a Formula Windsurfing race in La Manga, Spain resently.. He was on the new FORMULA 155..

It may have come as a surprise to many, but not really to the Starboard team and test crew "back home" in Thailand. "We knew what was in the package, and just waited for somebody to unwrap it."

The endless hours of extensive testing has paid off. Many thanks to the Thai team, and Deicha Homanee in particular.

The new Starboard Formula 2001 models are much faster due to the following simple, but vital points;

  1. Quicker planning - Double concave tail for earlier planning.
  2. Faster on the reach - More nose rocker for higher reaching speed.
  3. Better upwind - Fin forward for better pointing.
  4. Lighter - No paint to reduce another 3/500 gr.
  5. Stiffer - Wood all the way down the rails, creating a double
    wood stringer.

That's the new

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